As the origin of this blog was not to earn money or fill the articles with advertising, I decided to create this page where you will find some of the brands that I am a customer and for which I advertise. By accessing the different links you see on this page and buying any of the products you will be benefiting me as I will take a commission. You will not pay more, simply the company will give me a commission of what hey earn for having brought you as a customer.

:warning: If you don’t see any images and therefore none of the ads, it is probably because you are using an ad blocker. Disable it temporarily if you want to enjoy the offers!

1. Contabo

Would you like to have a VPS like mine to launch your heavy and time consuming scripts? Afraid of getting huge bills for using the VPS more hours than you thought? Contabo is the solution.

By clicking on the following ad you can rent a VPS like the one I have, even a more powerful one if you need it.

To be honest, I have rented the cheapest one, which is the Cloud VPS S, because at the moment I don’t need more, but in the future I might rent a more powerful one. This will depend on how automated your bug bounty hunting process is, but if you are just starting out, this is the option I recommend.

In addition THIS COST IS FIXED, it does not depend on the hours of use, so you can launch your scripts without worries and have the VPS running all day because the cost will always be the same.

This is the option that I recommend and that I use, but if you want something more powerful or look at other different options, here I leave you more links to other Contabo products.

Hello from Asia!

Contabo: Virtual Dedicated Server